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teenagers-in-classWhether you need us to work with Youth, their parents, your staff or your community to encourage healthy behaviors and bring awareness to some of the hot adolescent wellness issues of today, we are here to help.

In addition to our formal programming, we offer a wide range of services for youth and adults including classes and school a assemblies, workshops, conferences, health fair booths and event speakers. Let our vast expertise in Youth Development and Adolescent Wellness best practices work for you at your next event!

Some topics include:

Anti-Social Media – We’re more connected than ever, but what are we connected to, and how are these connections really impacting our Youth?

Becoming an Askable Adult – Teens really do want adult guidance and support. But are you who you need to be for them to ask your for help? Improve your communication skills to make the most of your time with teens.

Care: The Trauma-Informed Way – Adverse childhood experiences affect our lives and those around us for years to come. Learn how to reach people so you can effectively teach them.

Character Counts – Successful at-risk behavior avoidance occurs one choice at a time. Learn the building blocks of good character and how much character matters in all of life.

The Cost of Teen Pregnancy – What is the real cost of teen pregnancy, to society as a whole and to the teen with the new baby? Join us for this eye-opening and motivational reality check, customizable for teens and adults.


Ask us about our one-of-a kind interactive educational exhibit,
The Drive of Your Life”, a situational simulation where teens “drive” through an interactive maze and learn vital information about decision making, the importance of self-esteem, teen pregnancy and the effects of drugs and alcohol.