Mission, Vision & Values


LifeGuard® Youth Development is committed to the promotion of sexual integrity. Through education and character development, we equip and empower youth to make healthy choices that will set the foundation for a successful future.


Teens will stay focused on their goals and dreams because they will understand the importance of avoiding risky behaviors such as drugs, alcohol and sex before marriage and have the tools to make good decisions.


Encouragement – We believe that every teen has unlimited potential and that their personal best is yet to come. We are passionate about passing that belief on to our youth.

Empowerment – We will provide a fun, caring and engaging atmosphere in our classrooms that fosters thought-provoking dialogue.

Education – We believe in a holistic approach to education to equip youth intellectually while also building character and life skills.

Engagement – We take a team approach to all that we do, involving parents, schools and the community in our work.