testimonialsSince 2004, LifeGuard Youth Development has been equipping and empowering Youth, through character-based and sexual risk avoidance education, to make healthy choices that will set the
foundation for successful futures. We’ve served over 72,000 students to date!

Here’s what our teens are saying about us and what they’ve learned…


“You have helped me to make good decisions for my future”
– D.C., Hogan Preparatory Academy

“The classes will give me the courage to finish High School and college.”
– A.P., Southwest Early College Campus

“I learned a lot that I can use for the rest of my life.”
– K.R., Central Academy of Excellence


“The topics made me consider all my life choices that involve sexual activity.”
– L.A., Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts

“I learned not to have sex, to make good friends, and to make good goals.”
– B.B. , Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts

“You helped me from not having a baby early and not becoming a father unprepared.”
– M.T., Southwest Early College Campus


“My facilitators were funny and they made the class and learning fun.”
– E.S., Lincoln Preparatory Academy

“Class was FUN, and I wish we could have it all four years of High School”
– J.M., Lincoln Preparatory Academy